Keynote speaker:  Gianpietro Mazzoleni (Università degli Studi di Milano). Misinformation and Populism

The rise of populist movements in contemporary Western democracies has been explained from different perspectives, mostly by underlying economic and social issues brought by globalization and massive migrations. Without denying that those are key structural determinants, the media and communication factors are to be included in the diagnosis, as they represent the main channels of opinion formation and diffusion. Through the mainstream media and social networks in the past decade a great deal of fake news, distorted reports, partisan accounts, even hate and violent ideas have been circulated, thus contributing to dis- and mis-inform populaces in several countries. The result is a growth of populist attitudes and anti-politic, anti-elite sentiments that has fueled the victory of Brexit, Trump, and the electoral successes of ultra-nationalist, nativist, populist parties in Europe and elsewhere.



Program will be available on June, 25


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